Well…what a rollercoaster of a year we’ve so far “endured”.  Due to the pandemic, we’ve had to put in place systems and processes in a very different way to how we previously delivered patient care. We’ve also had major changes in relation to our doctors here at Trigg Health.  A sincere thank you to you all for your patience as we work through these challenging and tumultuous times.

We currently have working at Trigg Health the following very experienced, caring and qualified GP’s: Dr Sarah Taylor, Dr Kate Reid-Milligan, Dr Rob Paul, Dr Kris Scully (Locum GP) and Dr Craig Cornwall.

In August 2020, we will  welcome  two new GP’s to our center…Dr Karl Haddadin and Dr Rishta Uchila.  .  Dr Karl started his GP career in 2013 and spent most of it on the south coast of NSW doing rural Medicine.  During that time he trained in Skin Cancer Medicine and Skin Cancer Surgery.  He is interested in all aspects of General Practice but in particular adult medicine as well as weight management.

Dr. Uchila is a WA trained General Practitioner and attained her fellowship in 2015. During her training, she worked in multiple hospitals across Perth, Broome and Collie. She also holds a Certificate in Women’s Health, Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine. Following fellowship, she also worked as a General Practitioner in Sydney and Toronto, Canada. She enjoys all aspects of family medicine from birth to old age. Her interests include women’s health, dermatology  and skin cancer medicine.

Our friendly Admin Team will keep you informed of when appointments become available.  I’m sure we will keep them very busy.

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