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Please call our friendly administration team to make the appropriate appointment for your needs.

A Private Billing Practice.

This allows us to spend the time to fully explore your health needs and provide a superior level of care. Please ask our friendly reception staff for details of our complete fee structure. Most of our services do attract a medicare rebate and health care card holders may be eligible for a discount. Please note a fee is payable if you do not attend a scheduled appointment.

About Our Appointments

New Patients

To allow us to get to know you, your first appointment will be up to 30 minutes. Thereafter our standard appointment is up to 15 minutes in duration. If you or your doctor feel you require more time please ensure a longer appointment is requested. Our reception staff are only too happy to help in booking the most appropriate appointment with the most the most suitable health professional.

Respecting Your Time

We know your time is valuable, so we always endeavour to run on time. We take care not to overbook and we reserve time slots throughout the day to deal with any urgent or unforeseen issues. However, if unavoidable delays occur, our reception staff endeavour to keep you informed. Be assured, if your need is urgent you will get the attention you require.

Not So Urgent Matters

To avoid unnecessary appointments, the doctors can (at their discretion) provide ongoing prescriptions and specialist referrals via phone request for a fee. It is, however, necessary for you to see a doctor for all medical certificates.

Access & Convenience

Interpretor Services

Language difficulties? Interpreter services can be arranged with advance notice, so please enquire with our friendly staff.

SMS Reminders

Sign up for text reminders straight to your phone and we can recall you for results and required tests.

Confidentiality & Security

Your medical record is a confidential document and we maintain strict security of personal health information at all times. This ensures your information is only available to authorised members of our staff.  For a full copy of our Privacy Policy, please contact our surgery. 

If you have any feedback or complaints please discuss with your doctor or advise our practice manager.

If you need to take it further please contact:
Health & Disability Services Complaints Office 
GPO Box B61, Perth WA 6838
Tel. 08 6551 7600 | Fax 08 6551 7630